• Teams will consist of 4 men and 3 women. The results will be recorded to show separate scores for men and women after each race, but at the end of the series the winner’s trophy will be awarded to the club with the highest aggregated scores. The method of scoring will be by placing.
  • Raffle tickets are to be given to runners at the end of each race to identify there finishing positions. Tickets to be collected and recorded by each club, indicating whether each runner is a Senior, V40, V50, V60 or V70.
  • Each course will be approximately 4- 5 miles off road.
  • All runners must wear club colours. The host club can refuse to give runners not in club colours finishing tickets and thereby disqualifying them from their clubs team.
  • Runners to share transport where possible.
  • Runners to be minimum of 15 years old.
  • The Final TEAM Result at end of season will be determined by total of 5 races
  • The Final individual results will be determined by best 4 out of 5 races.
  • Runners are not allowed to compete in races organised by their “home” club.

The full constitution is available here. However this is in the process of being updated.

Historical Rules

Prior to the 2012/2013 season the following rule was in place

The league is open to all runners who have not run faster than 6 mins/mile for men and 6.30 mins/mile for women in any measured race of five miles or longer as from the 1st January 2011. Runners who record faster than the qualifying limits during the season are barred from taking part in any remaining race.

Qualifying times are: