Latest Information: First CC6 of the year!!!

WADAC, Running Sisters and Southampton AC invite you to Race 5 of the CC6 race series at Badger Farm this Sunday 5th January, 9:30am start.  We will be starting a little further from our traditional start so please allow an extra 5 minutes from the car park to the start this time!

Directions: The race HQ and meeting area is on Whiteshute ridge at the orientation table (OS Grid Ref: SU465275), park at the Badger Farm Sainsburys (off Badger Farm Road), use the far end of the car park by the Community Centre and Friarsgate Surgery. We have notified the supermarket so you can park until 11am. Between the Community Centre and the rear of the supermarket are steps down, follow them which turns into a muddy trail (now with handrails) up onto the ridge (5 minute walk). You will notice the ridge has been enclosed as there are cattle on the grassland. This will mean we will be starting half way down the ridge, so the race Marshalls will escort you down at 9.25am from the HQ.  The facilities at the Community Centre and Sainsburys/Starbucks are for patrons only.

Course: The course is just under 5 miles long and undulating. There is a mixture of grass, mud, chalk, gravel and very limited tarmac. We recommend trail shoes. The course starts half way down the ridge this year and you will be running upwards (away from Winchester), the route takes you over the Badger Farm Road footbridge and then down a long descent along Compton Down  followed by an ascent onto Hurdle Way (a gravel path) back towards the grassland meadows behind Olivers Battery then via some narrow paths and eventually back onto Whiteshute Ridge, were you get a chance to return up the way you came at the start of the course and finish above Sainsburys. The course includes several narrow (but open) gates on Whiteshute Ridge and later on 2 kissing gates at the top of a short (but steep) wooded hill at the Compton Down end of the course. Expect the usual hazards of roots, uneven trails and especially low hanging branches.

Cows: We will be starting in an enclosed area which may have cattle on the day. We have modified the race this year to ensure runners avoid the cows at the start (when you will be in a large group), but you will pass them at the end of the race. The White British Cattle are friendly enough but be mindful of them. Our marshals will be at all the gates onto and off the enclosed fields, their job will be to make sure you are safe AND ensure the cows don’t try to leave their field.

Be aware that there may well be other members of the public using the area, dog walkers and horse riders etc. please show them courtesy.

Finally, while we will be supplying water at the end of the race, in order to reduce our environmental impact, we would encourage you to bring your own drink or reusable cup to the race.

Happy New Year!

Winchester & District, Running Sisters & Southampton AC