CC6 Season 2016-17

This season we had 253 woman and 358 men take part in at least one race, congratulations to everyone of you, you are all HARD CORE!

Some are hard core, and very fast, and below you can see who they are:


1st – Sarah Winstone, Lordshill Road Runners

2nd – Hannah Fround, New Forest Runners

3rd – Connie Green, Lordshill Road Runners


1st – Ashley Forbes, Southampton Athletics Club

2nd – Tom Culley, Southampton Athletics Club

3rd – Pete Boustred, Southampton Tri


1st – Lordshill Road Runners

2nd – New Forest Runners

3rd – Eastleigh Running Club


1st – Lordshill Road Runners

2nd – Southampton Athletics Club

3rd – Eastleigh Running Club

I hope I have everyone’s names, age cats, clubs etc right, please let me know if amendments are needed.  Collating the clubs’ results is a very interesting job and I don’t want to hog the role, so, calling all Excel experts, or even amateurs like me, please make yourself known if you’d like to take this on for next year, as I’m stepping down.  I look forward to hearing from you!