Race 7 – Dennywood – 19th February

Due to a slight hiccup in my Excel spreadsheet, the Men’s individual overall results went awry.  All sorted now – sorry about that chaps.

Results all done now.  One more to go – 12th March at Wilverley – See you there!

I wasn’t there today, but it must have been good, according to the comments I’ve had in:

  • I normally add a little line about how good the race was but I haven’t seen anyone that raced today… but no-one died and no-one said they would never, ever run again so it must have been as brilliant as ever!
  • Everybody loved the race.
  • Thanks to Totton, great race in perfect conditions, just the right mix of track, mud and hill.
  • As always our (male) runners enjoyed today, a wonderful mix of paths through the forest, fording streams and some challenging undulations, and some outstanding cakes at the end, my favourite the rocky road!!!  Thanks Totton for another well marshalled race.


Here is the lowdown from Totton on our next bit of muddy fun!

“The next CC7 race will be hosted by Totton Running Club on the 19th February at Dennywood.

Directions to Dennywood can be gained here http://media.wix.com/ugd/772585_692a5a0ec7984e96a1ca3404f46e110d.pdf

The race will start at 9.30am.

Parking will be within Dennywood Enclosure and there will be marshals directing you where to park.   Please do not park your car on the grass verges and please car share where possible as space is limited.   

The course is the same as previous years and is about 5 miles long.   The running route is on gravel tracks, woodland and grass paths.   There is a small road crossing at the very start and finish of the race and I would recommend trail shoes not spikes.     If the weather stays mild and wet the course will be muddy.

The enclosure is a public place and there will be others using the area so please be courtious to everyone.”


Also, a request has been made to remind everyone that when taking part in a CC6 event, runners should wear their club kit, so as to be identified.  It’s getting very competitive…!