Race 5 – Kings Garn Gutter

Thank you Romsey and Halterworth for a ‘charming’ little race on Sunday, hats off to everyone that managed to run all of that last hill!

This is what you had to say about it:

“Thank you for your “encouragement” (you’re welcome Rich!)

Definately the toughest course in the series, needless to say, everyone loved it!

Was really pleased to get back to the shower after that one.  Can’t remember ever carrying around as much mud as I did today and that’s without falling over….

Stoney Cross was the toughest course so far for the series

Just like to thank the marshals for turning out on this drizzly day, hope not too many shoes were lost in the race.

Many thanks to Romsey & Halterworth for great race this morning in the drizzle/mud/hills of Kings Garn Gutter … it’s certainly a tough one!”

Next up is Dennywood on 21st Feb, you’d better get those shoes clean!


One thought on “Race 5 – Kings Garn Gutter

  1. This was my first ever CC6 and i loved it ! Great coarse,Great encouragement from the marshals and Great Comradery between the runners , well done to all involved .

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